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New Year New Doodles

Happy new year everyone! I spent the festive period really obsessing over abstract ink and watercolour doodles. I treated myself to a Kuretake Fountain Brush Pen No.13 (get an ink adaptor, these babies loooooove ink) and I’ve not been able to put it down since! There’s something really satisfying about using real ink, filling up the pens, and having a thicker flow go on the paper. But anyway, enough of my new kink. Here are a few of my new works on A4 watercolour paper.

Exploding Spring Abstract Watercolour Ink Doodle Art Painting by Shelly Still

This one I’ve named Exploding spring, as.. well, one of the pens exploded (my fault, over filled!) and it is vibing on us all waiting for the Spring to arrive! Close up and photo of the original watercolour underneath the ink

Let me know what you think! It’s a bit of a change to my past artwork, but I’m feeling it’s the way forward, I’m very happy to explore it more. I think I’ve created about 30 pieces so far and can start to see a pattern with certain shapes in them. Art is like cracking a code sometimes huh?

Albert Brush Pen Abstract Watercolour Ink Doodle Art Painting by Shelly Still

This one I have nicknamed Albert, after the pocket watches. Not sure why it reminded me of watches though! It’s been great to keep photographic track on the work this time round, though I’m a nightmare for sorting out the photos once I’ve downloaded!

abstract art

Watercolor Doodle Fun

Someone treated herself to some Rotring Isograph pens for Christmas, and then opened her presents too early… That someone was totally me! Hehe. So many circles, so many. Pretty sure I can see an eye and a weird mouth in there. What do you see?

Watercolour Circles ink doodle art by Shelly Still

Made with watercolour pencils, paints and ink. Keep experimenting!

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Tie-Dye Whirly Doodle

This one was a mix up again of my Squeeby doodles and a watercolour background I was swishing around with. I bought some new Rotring Isograph pens for myself for Christmas and totally opened them early, so was messing around to see how they worked on thick printer paper, well, and on watercolour paper… Awesome. The one thing I can’t work out is what size nib I like the best! But it’s going to be a bit more environmentally friendly, I can refill them! I love Unipins but they don’t last so long (though far longer than Copics!) so least I’m not throwing plastic away every month or so!

Abstract Doodle Boho Tie-dye  Art Watercolour by Shelly Still

So the original doodle is below, I threw it in Photoshop and tidied it a bit and thought I’d see what it was like if I coloured it. In the end I accidentally inverted it and it gave me the idea to put it in front of a watercolour. I think it’s got a bit of a boho tie-dye vibe to it. Let me know what you think!

I do have the pattern on sale at Society 6 and Teepublic, under my more cartoon alias Squeeb Creative!

Abstract Doodle Boho Tie-dye Art Watercolour by Shelly Still

Sci-Fi Kissing

Hey there sexy, let me kiss you to the galaxy… Watercolour photography mash up!

Let me know what you think! Prints available at Red Bubble and Society 6!

Abstract Art Photography Sexy Kissing Sci-Fi Lips by Shelly Still

Maybe I have been watching too much original Star Trek, Capitan Kirk kisses all the girls! And for those who are not as blue as me there’s an alternative sexy version!

Abstract Art Photography Sexy Kissing Sci-Fi Lips by Shelly Still

abstract art

Frankenstein’s Artist – Sewing With Wire

Frankenstein Art Work Watercolour Painting by Shelly Still

I’m always trying to think up daft ideas when playing with abstract work. I’ve always really enjoyed working with watercolours and acrylics, but always feel a bit flat, so I thought this time I’d start cutting up pieces and sticking them together, and that’s where inspiration struck!

Frankenstein Art Work Watercolour Painting by Shelly Still

So once I had chopped all of the above watercolours into triangles I thought sewing them would be a lot of fun… But thread wouldn’t really stand out, rope would be too big and crochet thread too flimsy. I used to work as an engineer so I do love a bit of metal from time to time so decided to grab some wire I use for my clay creations and start sewing… This took a very very long time, but I can see how people get addicted to knitting, cause you can watch telly at the same time, very therapeutic!

Frankenstein Art Work Watercolour Painting by Shelly Still

It’s alive! ALIVE! Really enjoyed this experiment. I went a bit mad and made about 5-6 A4 pieces in the end. Hours of punching the card, sewing, getting the wire up my nails…

Keep creating everyone! Keep experimenting and remember nothing is ever wrong, just fun!

abstract art

Watercolour Doodling

It’s been a long while since I’ve had the paints out. The house has been carpeted from top to bottom before it gets sold, and I promised, promised, I wouldn’t get the paints back out. But I feel like I’m drowning in my own head, so thought what harm can watercolour pencils do? It’s like drugs, it just lead to harder things! Well the real watercolours anyway. I made some circles from the watercolour pencils, then started adding a bit more depth with some watercolour paints. I quite enjoyed what came out, as I’m usually a jagged little critter.

Abstract Art Doodle Part 1 Watercolour Shelly Still

As nice as it was I really fancied a doodle. I’m getting a pyrography machine for Christmas (if santa takes me off the naughty list) and really want to practice abstract lines and ideas so got a couple of Unipin pens out and started following the lines of the watercolour.

Abstract Art Doodle Part 1 Watercolour Shelly Still

I left it for a few hours, but the little doodle devil in my head was telling me it’s not over yet so grabbed a pen and clipboard and took it to bed with me. Decided to stop around midnight! Got so involved, the only issue was I’ve been so used to drawing on an iPad I didn’t realise how bad my eyesight has got! Those little circles were almost the death of me! Fuzzy eyes! I’m calling this one Swishy Fooberry! Almost reminds me of a Cure album cover from the 80s… so, if you’re reading this Robert Smith I’m available for commissions! Hehe.

Keep doodling everyone! Don’t be scared to f#ck it up, push yourself!

Also I am not way affiliated or whatever from them but I fricking love Cult Pens and try and buy everything arty from them! Go buy your doodling things there!

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What’s New Pussycat? Abstract Art

Have I gone on a theme… Humm maybe. I think I’m just missing having a cat around of late, it’s been a while since the Shankster cat left us. This is a mixed media artwork, using vintage pages from a book, acrylic art and in, backed on card. The frame is recycled from some vintage ones I salvaged a while ago. I felt the work didn’t need a fussy frame. It’s available now on Etsy!
https://www.etsy.com/shellystill or message me!

Red Cat Abstract Mixed Media Painting Art Shelly Still 1


Taken from the original blog at www.shellystill.co.uk/blog

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How many cats can you see?

A bit of a change to the usual abstract. I’ve had the idea of cutting up my abstract art pieces into shapes and I couldn’t resist cutting out some stretching cats and adding them to a black background. Obviously I couldn’t just leave it there so cut up some other parts of the original artwork to create a garden for the cats to yoga in. Let me know what you think! acrylic paint and ink on watercolour paper attached to A4 black card.

Three Cats Mixed Media Painting Artwork Shelly StillThree Cats Mixed Media Painting Artwork Close Up Shelly Still

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Drunk Me – Abstract Art Time Again!

I always found abstract art something I did when going through sober patches (apart from a three year stint on my early 20s sobriety has been pretty much scarce!), but recently, even though I don’t drink as vast amounts as I used to, I seem to enjoy leaving little ‘presents’ for myself. Last night was one of those nights. I was having a pretty dead day artistically, and the urge to just drink and chill the mind was strong, so I fell for Beck’s charms as always and settled into a Ronnie Barker documentary. But the paints were next to me, the ink fluttering it’s eyes and a sketchbook begging so I just opened it an doodled. The more beer, the more torn out bits of paper. This morning there was this…

Abstract art work in progress Shelly Still drunk

The bit that astounds me is that I cleaned my brushes! Ever diligent with those cheap things. Now, I’m not saying I was so pissed I don’t remember the night before, my six pint tolerance has now gone down to two large bottles of Becks, but it’s nice to know that alcohol seems to be happy for me to still talk to my artistic side. And I have something to do today! My to-do list had shrunk dramatically. I was even starting to put ‘have shower’ on it just so I could have something to tick off (don’t judge, it’s still not ticked off, who am I getting dressed up for today huh!)

Abstract art work in progress Shelly Still drunk

I hope everyone else is keeping busy and happy in these strange times. I understand I am very much in the minority when I say I am not missing going out at all, my introvert side is swimming in absolute joy! I still keep thinking about getting back to writing my book, but it’s already 35,000 words that even I don’t want to read back so I guess that can stay in the google drive covered in digital dust!

Keep happy and entertained everyone!

Abstract art work in progress Shelly Still drunkAbstract art work in progress Shelly Still drunk

Taken from the original blog at www.shellystill.co.uk./blog

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The Art Shop is OPEN!

Ahhh, it’s been a long time coming, I have avoided putting my work up for sale for ages due to confidence, not quite getting the photos right, being unhappy with the finished pieces… But this time in isolation has given me a lot of time to work on my ‘f#ck it!’ attitude and quite simply if you don’t try new things you never know what will come out of it! Check out my shop HERE! Hope you enjoy my work!

I created this Frankenstein patchwork from three acrylic paintings cut up and sewn back together by metal wire. Absolutely loved working on this style, though it was a bit tough on the fingers!!

This one is watercolour and ink on watercolour paper. Always find myself a bit heavy handed with the watercolours, but I love the vibrancy!

I still absolutely love cartooning. I did start another site for the cartoons but they are still me so deserve to stand with the other works of art! This is pen on red card.

Let me know what you think! If you are interested in helping a starving artist by buying one please message me HERE or check out the contact form on the contact page and shop page.

Taken from the original blog on the Shelly Still website http://www.shellystill.co.uk/blog