abstract art

Sunday Ink Swishing

Twitching, itching and flicking ink all over the place again. Sunday’s art dinner is served! Hehe, I really need to get a plan together for next week, furlough madness will not win! At least The Great Pottery Throwdown is on in a bit, bloody love that show. Really hope to get some clay out when I have the space!

Abstract ink and watercolour art by shelly still artist
abstract art

Furlough Insanity Level 10

Ok, must stay calm, running out of my favourite pink paint (who would have thought pink would be an obsessive colour), down to my last 15 sheets of watercolour paper, and there’s no sign of furlough ending any time soon. Just going to put my head between my knees and rock for a while.

There maybe be an ink shortage in the foreseeable future too… Waaaagghhhh!

abstract art

Autumn Vibey Hues

Thought I would use the side of the watercolour pallette that I never use today,. So browns, tan, heavy greens. Gave me an autumn vibe. Felt a bit melancholic in the end, so best get back to the vibrant colours while the winter is in full swing. At least all this paint is holding back the furlough insanity… I think!

abstract art

Tie-Dye Whirly Doodle

This one was a mix up again of my Squeeby doodles and a watercolour background I was swishing around with. I bought some new Rotring Isograph pens for myself for Christmas and totally opened them early, so was messing around to see how they worked on thick printer paper, well, and on watercolour paper… Awesome. The one thing I can’t work out is what size nib I like the best! But it’s going to be a bit more environmentally friendly, I can refill them! I love Unipins but they don’t last so long (though far longer than Copics!) so least I’m not throwing plastic away every month or so!

Abstract Doodle Boho Tie-dye  Art Watercolour by Shelly Still

So the original doodle is below, I threw it in Photoshop and tidied it a bit and thought I’d see what it was like if I coloured it. In the end I accidentally inverted it and it gave me the idea to put it in front of a watercolour. I think it’s got a bit of a boho tie-dye vibe to it. Let me know what you think!

I do have the pattern on sale at Society 6 and Teepublic, under my more cartoon alias Squeeb Creative!

Abstract Doodle Boho Tie-dye Art Watercolour by Shelly Still