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Frankenstein’s Artist – Sewing With Wire

Frankenstein Art Work Watercolour Painting by Shelly Still

I’m always trying to think up daft ideas when playing with abstract work. I’ve always really enjoyed working with watercolours and acrylics, but always feel a bit flat, so I thought this time I’d start cutting up pieces and sticking them together, and that’s where inspiration struck!

Frankenstein Art Work Watercolour Painting by Shelly Still

So once I had chopped all of the above watercolours into triangles I thought sewing them would be a lot of fun… But thread wouldn’t really stand out, rope would be too big and crochet thread too flimsy. I used to work as an engineer so I do love a bit of metal from time to time so decided to grab some wire I use for my clay creations and start sewing… This took a very very long time, but I can see how people get addicted to knitting, cause you can watch telly at the same time, very therapeutic!

Frankenstein Art Work Watercolour Painting by Shelly Still

It’s alive! ALIVE! Really enjoyed this experiment. I went a bit mad and made about 5-6 A4 pieces in the end. Hours of punching the card, sewing, getting the wire up my nails…

Keep creating everyone! Keep experimenting and remember nothing is ever wrong, just fun!


Buttons, So Many Buttons

I’ve recently got into sewing. Obviously nothing normal like cushions or pretty dresses, but weird voodoo dolls… But it’s given me the nickname of Shelly Bobbins at the moment. I rather like it. Have you been given any weird nicknames from hobbies?
So I asked for some buttons for Christmas… And boy did I get buttons! Stock photos available at Shutterstock HERE¬†Also available at other stock sites, send me a message if you want a link!


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