The Abstract Watercolour Alphabet

Told you I was addicted. I’ve been up all night… Fuelled on crumble and custard… and created some more abstract art alphabets. This time I went for a way more abstract with a watercolour and ink work that I had made a year ago. It’s a bit crazy, but looks fantastic in a frame! I have them available for sale at Etsy (HERE) as digital downloads so you can make your own name, or a rude word, and stick it on the wall! Or the ceiling, I’m not going to tell you what to do with them! So many choices.

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Painting and Typography (Learn Your ABC)

I’ve been toying with the idea of mixing abstract paintings with lettering, and finally… Fiiiiiinally I decided to give it a go, and I love it. New addiction! The leopard print style alphabets have come out so well. So well in fact that they are now available as Jpgs and PNGs for projects and printouts!
My Etsy Shop (here) has these, and some other bits of fun! Please pop over and say hi! Hoping to get some very funky tentacle pendants and jewellery for sale soon!

Watercolour Typography Alphabet Letters LOVE Shelly Still Web

Watercolour Typography Alphabet Letters LOVE Shelly Still Web

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Retro 70s Patterns!

It was one of those days where I started messing with ink and ended up with a 1970s pattern that should be on the wall! Really enjoyed working with this one and creating different vibes with the same thing. I’ve always fallen into the red and black, but I’m really digging the blue. And really digging how they look on cups and cushions! Available at Society 6 (here) and RedBubble (here)

Retro 70s Wallpaper Red Black Square Pattern Shelly Still

abstract art

The Art Shop is OPEN!

Ahhh, it’s been a long time coming, I have avoided putting my work up for sale for ages due to confidence, not quite getting the photos right, being unhappy with the finished pieces… But this time in isolation has given me a lot of time to work on my ‘f#ck it!’ attitude and quite simply if you don’t try new things you never know what will come out of it! Check out my shop HERE! Hope you enjoy my work!

I created this Frankenstein patchwork from three acrylic paintings cut up and sewn back together by metal wire. Absolutely loved working on this style, though it was a bit tough on the fingers!!

This one is watercolour and ink on watercolour paper. Always find myself a bit heavy handed with the watercolours, but I love the vibrancy!

I still absolutely love cartooning. I did start another site for the cartoons but they are still me so deserve to stand with the other works of art! This is pen on red card.

Let me know what you think! If you are interested in helping a starving artist by buying one please message me HERE or check out the contact form on the contact page and shop page.

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Abstract Geometric Photography

Well the lockdown in the UK seems to be having effect on my general creativty cracker point. I’ve been having a great time! Started working on some abstract photography, something I’ve not really explored since college, and back then Photoshop wasn’t really an option! I’m not sure the camera will forgive me for the settings I made it do, all the while spinning it around like a ballroom dancer. Going to explore mixing art work with this technique a bit more today, see what happens! Thank goodness I don’t do film photography anymore, this would have turned out expensive!

Prints and other yums of this photograph are available at Society 6 HERE


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Monsters, Monsters, Many Monsters

Did I go a little monster crazy? Yes, yes I guess I did! These little characters are available as vectors at Shutterstock (here) and Adobe Stock (here) other stock sites available, message me for details!
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