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How many cats can you see?

A bit of a change to the usual abstract. I’ve had the idea of cutting up my abstract art pieces into shapes and I couldn’t resist cutting out some stretching cats and adding them to a black background. Obviously I couldn’t just leave it there so cut up some other parts of the original artwork to create a garden for the cats to yoga in. Let me know what you think! acrylic paint and ink on watercolour paper attached to A4 black card.

Three Cats Mixed Media Painting Artwork Shelly StillThree Cats Mixed Media Painting Artwork Close Up Shelly Still


Unicorns Live Here – Abstract Photography

Oh man, I had a lot of fun making these ones. I’d like to think it’s where the unicorns rub up against the My Little Ponies to have a rave… But I could be wrong! The beautiful bubbles collection are on Society 6 https://bit.ly/35Wg8tZ and Redbubble (HERE)

I made these by layering up some bubbles I created with oil and food colouring with some abstract light photographs, not quite as glamorous now, but it takes time to create unicorn bubbles!

Unicorn Liquid Neon Bubbles Art Photography Shelly Still

Unicorn Liquid Neon Bubbles Art Photography Shelly Still
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Abstract Nature Photography

I have started a new hush project for someone involving ghostly vibes and nature. I’ve started off a bit strong to be honest! So these practice photos wont make the cut, but there’s something about them I quite like. I’ve been obsessed with layering textures and photos on top of each other, something I used to do years ago, before photoshop was really any good. It almost feels like cheating doing it so easily on photoshop now, maybe that’s why I’m using so many layers, to try and make things more complicated for myself!

ag FLOWER 2 copy 2 ss

Autumn Leaf and Smoke Layered Abstract Nature Photography Shelly Still Photographer

Autumn Leaf and SmokeLayered Abstract Nature Flower Photography Shelly Still Photographer


Abstract Geometric Photography

Well the lockdown in the UK seems to be having effect on my general creativty cracker point. I’ve been having a great time! Started working on some abstract photography, something I’ve not really explored since college, and back then Photoshop wasn’t really an option! I’m not sure the camera will forgive me for the settings I made it do, all the while spinning it around like a ballroom dancer. Going to explore mixing art work with this technique a bit more today, see what happens! Thank goodness I don’t do film photography anymore, this would have turned out expensive!

Prints and other yums of this photograph are available at Society 6 HERE


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Buttons, So Many Buttons

I’ve recently got into sewing. Obviously nothing normal like cushions or pretty dresses, but weird voodoo dolls… But it’s given me the nickname of Shelly Bobbins at the moment. I rather like it. Have you been given any weird nicknames from hobbies?
So I asked for some buttons for Christmas… And boy did I get buttons! Stock photos available at Shutterstock HERE Also available at other stock sites, send me a message if you want a link!


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abstract art

It’s On Random

One of those days when you walk into your room to get a bit of paper, stick on a CD (Dog Man Star by Suede) and get taken over by the paint. I haven’t picked up a paintbrush abstractly since I started my degree, but this week I decided that the first year of that was enough so I guess that part of my brain has stopped and allowed a bit more imagination and experimentation in. I think I went into it planning bright colours, but I always get distracted by the reds and blacks, always. Anyway, none of these are finished, well, I don’t think so, they’ve not told me yet! But thought I’d document the randomness again. Always end up working on more than one thing, not usually this small though.
Abstract Acrylic Art Shelly Still
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Candle Burning Bright

Candle candle burning bright, watch out you’ll set the house alight! – Spike Milligan.

Some candle fun manipulating some photographs I took of an old candle I found in the kitchen drawer.

From the blog on my www.shellystill.co.uk website!