Going Up or Going Down?

Current moods… Up then down, not quite knowing what’s going on and trying to keep focused on not wasting this time I have off from the day job. But then a load of people are in the same boat. I am wondering how had it will be for like minded artists and creators who have had this time to focus on their craft to get back into a work mindset. Going to be very strange sitting in an office thinking about colours and clay! So I made some arrows by layering textures and vibrant colours over arrow road signs. Think it portrays how I’m feeling right now. (prints etc available at Society 6 HERE)

Going Down Abstract Art Arrow Photography Shelly Still

Going Up Abstract Art Arrow Photography Shelly Still

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Abstract Geometric Photography

Well the lockdown in the UK seems to be having effect on my general creativty cracker point. I’ve been having a great time! Started working on some abstract photography, something I’ve not really explored since college, and back then Photoshop wasn’t really an option! I’m not sure the camera will forgive me for the settings I made it do, all the while spinning it around like a ballroom dancer. Going to explore mixing art work with this technique a bit more today, see what happens! Thank goodness I don’t do film photography anymore, this would have turned out expensive!

Prints and other yums of this photograph are available at Society 6 HERE


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