Having A Smashing Time!

Some times you just have to let your frustrations out… Only joking! I was trying to make some textures from the broken glass and some siligum to push into clay at a later date. That experiment didn’t quite go to plan, but at least I got some nice stock photographs out of the day too.
Available at Adobe Stock (here) and Shutterstock (here)

Close Up Smashed Glass Shelly Still Photography
Close Up Smashed Glass Black and White Shelly Still PhotographyClose Up Smashed Glass Shelly Still Photography

Summer is (Almost) Here!

In this weird time of isolation it’s been easy to take more time to look out at the garden and just get a bit closer to the ground. Summer is on the way and things are sprouting where they shouldn’t be! I’m more of a ‘let nature be nature’ kinda girl, but when dandelions get to this stage of their lives I must admit I’m pretty quick with chopping down the ones on the lawn. Hey, the bees have hard their fun, time for you to go! But if you look closer it is amazing how many small bugs and aphids live just under the dandelion seeds! go, get your magnifying glasses, freak yourself out! These are some fun photos I’ve been taking for stock photography sites at Shutterstock (here) and AdobeĀ  Stock (here)

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